The FIJI House

  • The FIJI House sits on 10 acres of pristine land in South College Station. The property consists of a 4 bedroom house, a large back patio, a large multi-purpose facility used for chapter meetings and social gatherings, and a fully lighted basketball court. 


    With the steady growth of our chapter during the past decade, our members and alumni quickly realized that we would soon be in need of a new facility to match the expansion of the chapter. In the Spring of 2009, The Kiella Group and Morton Buildings broke ground on the construction of the 5000 square foot building. John Kiella, Scott Kiella, and many other notable alumni and members carefully planned and constructed the facility.


    The Currie Barn is a 2000 square foot room where our chapter holds parties and events. Complete with a stage for live bands, and a state of the art speaker system the barn is fully equipped to entertain any event. The barn is named after the Currie Family, who generously helped with the financing and planning of the facility.


    The Kiella Bar runs adjacent to the barn, and bears the name of its builder, John Kiella. Over the years, Mr. Kiella and his family have generously donated their time, energy, and resources to facillitate the housing needs of our chapter. 


    The West Chapter Room sits in the back of the facility, and in named in honor of Aggie Fiji founding father, Randy West. Over the course of the chapter's 30 year history, Mr. West has worked hard to ensure that the chapter he started would not only endure, but continue to grow and prosper. Mr. West was also a driving force in the organization and financing of the new facility.


    The Lupe Reed Memorial Basketball Court runs parallel to the main house; the court carries the name of a lifelong friend and supporter of the Alpha Mu Chapter. The court was generously donated by the parents of the Alpha Mu Chapter.

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